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City Athletic Boxing Amateur Team at "All Comers" boxing show at the Santa Fe casino

This weekend some members of the City Athletic Boxing team stepped into the ring for the first time at the "All Comers" boxing show held inside of the Santa Fe Station casino.

First up making his amateur debut was one of our youngest competitors ''Eli Pride'' who won his fight in spectacular fashion stunning his opponent multiple times with thudding left hooks and chopping right hands.

Eli warming up with his dad/coach Percy Pride before his bout

Eli weighed in at 108lbs with his opponent (Jeremy Anderson) coming in with a 4lbs advantage and more ring experience. None of those things were a factor for him as he displayed superior skill and out worked his opposition leaving no doubt in the judges minds that he was the clear winner improving his amateur record to 1-0

Up next we had ''Joey Rivas'' step into the ring making his amateur debut at 120lbs against (Manny Olivero) who seemed to have a clear height, reach and weight advantage over him. his opponent was a very seasoned competitor with 4 fights under his belt.

Joe Rivas warming up with Coach Pride moments before his bout

Joey went to war! with his opponent creating a very exciting fight which easily could've been nominated for figth of the night. working at a grueling pace with nonstop back n forth action all three rounds he definitely showed he came to figtht. The bout went to the score cards and the judges awarded a very close decision to "Manny Olivero'' for the victory.

He may have not walked away with the victory but he definitley earned the respect of the viewers in the crowed with his performance.


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