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   We are a non-profit organization. Any donation made is 100% tax deductible. We also accept                                    automobiles, motorcycles, boats, or real estate as a donation.

History of City B.E.S.T. (Body Efficiency Strength Training) Boxing Club  working with kids from the Spring Mountain Youth camp and the Evening Reporting Center

 Fighting youth crime through boxing.  We at City B.E.S.T. Boxing have been deeply involved in serving the Las Vegas community and have developed programs that help prevent underprivileged and at-risk youth from being incarcerated. City B.E.S.T. Boxing opened it's doors on 11/01/2014, and started taking the kids from Spring Mountain Youth Camp in April of 2015. Sean Doak says their partnership with City B.E.S.T. Boxing is essential in successfully bringing juveniles back into society. Officer  Doak is currently with the Department of Justice Spring Mountain Youth Camp. In May of 2015, we started taking in the kids from the ERC. Officer Shayne Glover of the ERC program says that City B.E.S.T. Boxing is the cornerstone of the ERC.  Current youth incarceration count this year is 500 .  The average cost of incarceration for a juvenile is $149,000 per year. 

With the cooporation of Clark County, Officer Doak, and Title Boxing, we at City B.E.S.T. Boxing have found a way to successfully bring a juvenile back into society through training, employment, and positive associations with other kids. Our program teaches teamwork, discipline, dedication, and gives these kids a structure and goal to keep their focus on. This gives them a second chance at life, giving them one more opportunity to change before they end up in a correctional facility, or in an even worse situation. Our program has proven to be very successful, and to this day, our head trainers and part of our current staff at City B.E.S.T. Boxing consists of the students that have graduated from the program, and turned their lives around for the better.

  Douglas Ward, Director Of Marketing for Title Boxing, wrote that " Part of their (City B.E.S.T. Boxing) success can, unquestionably, be attributed to their alliances in the boxing community. They have invested a       great deal of time, money, and resources into the Spring Mountain Youth Camp. This is clear proof that   they are dedicated to serving underprivileged and at-risk youth through the positive outlet of boxing (for personal, recreational, and overall career growth.) This is an effort that we have closely and comprehensively collaberated on with them. It is an entirely altruistic project that we take great pride in. Together they are serving the Las Vegas community and the program has great potential to impact every city in the country, as it demonstrates tangible results in changing the course of lives."

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